Saturday, September 8, 2012


Having waited for the main stream media to pounce of the story, the time has come to reveal the underhand tactics of a sub-committee of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation to undermine the work of another.

And unwittingly newly appointed national coach Paul Revington has waded into an issue that he should well have steered clear and not get entangled with.

A meeting of the MHC National Team Management Committee was held on August 30 after which Revington and his assistant Arul Selvaraj were revealed to the media, with MHC Senior Vice President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad proudly posed with.

But just an hour before that the committee was briefed by Revington on the program for the national team and he had proposed a two leg Malaysian Hockey League - once in February and another in September.

And the committee also discussed the 2013 Competition Calendar, something way beyond their jurisdiction as there is a Competition Committee to handle such matters.

And Revington, MHC Secretary Johari Aziz plus Dato Azmi should well be aware that it not their right to endorse a calendar and send it to the MHC Management or Council.

Any decisions with regards to structure and dates of competitions is not within the right of the National Team Management Committee.

Another interesting factor is the composition of the committee as members have been changed arbitrarily without endorsement of either the Management Committee or Council.

As for Revington one can only offer this advice, look before you leap, for you are in unchartered waters so do not end up as a tool for others aspirations.