Monday, September 10, 2012


It is learnt that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation has called for an Annual General Meeting on September 23.

And on the agenda for the meeting is the approval of the annual report and accounts for the last calendar year.

What is interesting to note is neither the MHC Executive Board nor the MHC Council decided the dates for the AGM.

And more peculiar is the fact that the report and accounts were never tabled and approved at the two bodies.

That could only mean one thing, that the AGM is unconstitutional as it is clearly spelt out that the dates of the AGM can only be determined by the Executive Board, and the last they met was in June.

As for the MHC Council, that is supposed to meet at least four times a year, the only meeting held this year was on April 9, so six months without a meeting speaks volumes as to how MHC is being run.

A simple thing like adhering to the constitution seems to be a mammoth task for incompetent personalities that are merely there to fill up positions and only appear on the scene when Tengku Abdullah attends an event.

So much for having 12 Vice Presidents when only two - Dato Rahim Md Ariff and Prof S.Shamala are seen working.

As for the AGM, just how many officials or states have the honesty or guts to admit that it is wrong and write to the President to correct things and call off the AGM?

Not any I guess as the Dublin junket has them tongue tied from doing the honourable thing of highlighting the error.

So what is the constitution then? Just some pieces of paper that gather dust in the corridors of power in MHC.