Wednesday, September 12, 2012


There have been much more then just rumour or talk with regards to former Malaysian Hockey Confederation Secretary Maninderjit Singh making a return.

Mike, as he is known, quit the position in March this year after having been appointed as the General Manager in July 2009 before made the Secretary General in October 2010.

Whispers of Mike's imminent return surfaced before the London Olympics, and it is learnt that some quarters are contemplating or may have even put forward the suggestion to Tengku Abdullah, the President of MHC.

Mike when contacted by this blog opted to keep his silence but eventually denied the suggestion, and in a jest said he was enjoying golf at present.

Nonetheless a more clearer answer was provided by a key MHC official who confirmed that steps are underway to bring Mike back into the fold.

However with Mohd Johari Aziz having a two year tenure as Secretary after being appointed on April 9, Mike is expected to return as the General Manager.

The MHC Annual General Meeting on September 23 is expected to shed more light as having Mike back would surely boost the running of MHC.

The stick and ball are however in the feet of Mike and Tengku Abdullah and it's a wait and see approach now for Malaysian hockey.