Thursday, September 27, 2012


Many of us would have wondered as to why China, who are ranked higher then Poland are not in Champions Challenge 1 and why is it that Spain are not in the Champions Trophy neither are they in the Challenge.

And in order to understand better, an email was sent to FIH and this was their response:

When the next set of World Ranking for men is published, Spain will not be in receipt of any ranking points for the Champions series held in 2012.

The qualification criteria for the Champions Trophy and Champions Challenge are given on the FIH website. 

Inclusion is based on performance at the previous tournament; Poland played in the CCh1 in South Africa last year and were not "relegated" to CCh2. 

China played in Champions Challenge 2 in France but as they did not win it, they were not promoted to CCh 1.

The FIH Competitions Committee has been studying the results of World League Round 1 and details of who will play in what tournament in Round 2 will be announced next month. 

Details of the Competition for World League are also given on the FIH website.