Wednesday, July 17, 2013


That is what will cross the minds of people with integrity and knowledge on hockey when they read the calling of entries for the forthcoming Tun Razak Cup, a tournament that is the longest running in Malaysian hockey.

For the circular is littered with mistakes, schoolboy errors, so much so it is learnt that the MHC Competitions Committee has now called for a meeting to rectify the errors in the circular, which lacks sensitivity and above all goes out o show the lack of knowledge amongst those who run the administration of MHC as well as those who run the Competition Department.

Right from the start the mistakes are apparent, for the REAL dates of the event to be staged in Kuantan is from the 5th to 15th September and not as stated in the circular which says 5-19th September.

Anyone with a same mind and a little bit of hockey knowledge would have realized that it cannot end on September 19 for the simple fact that the Sultan f Johor Cup commences on that date.

Next is on the registration of players where there is a form that allows states to register 25 players. Even the MHL which runs close to 3 months allows only 22 players to be registered and if the Competition Committee allowed this, then they obviously do not know what they are doing and should resign gracefully.

And moving on to the accommodation and internal transport, it states that it will be for 22 persons, which rightfully means 18 players and 4 officials. So if 25 players are to be registered, then there should be provisions for 29 persons, unless those who prepared and signed the circular obviously failed their Ilmu Hisab at school.

But the icing on the cake is the eligibility of players. Here it looks like it is butchered and pays scant respect to a decision made by the MHC Council.

Simplify the rules as was decided but who is the smart Alec who has changed the regulation. Since those who prepared the circular, signed it and the MHC Competition Committee are blinded due to poor knowledge of the sport, let us put it out in plain simple English-

1) that players who work, stay and/or play in the domestic league of the affiliate MUST represent that state.

2) that Kuala Lumpur must name its 25 players for the Razak Cup 30 days before the tournament. All other players not named will be released to their respective HOME states, this is decided by their identity card number.

3) players released by Kuala Lumpur who do not go back to home states will only be released to third party states upon receiving a no objection letter from home states.

4) players who refuse to turn out for home states will not be released to play for third party states.

5) the Project 2013 releases a list of 20 players not eligible to play in the Razak Cup since they are playing in the Sultan Johor Cup.

Simple yet some inefficient personalities who sit in positions cannot think straight as they have vested interests .;