Thursday, July 18, 2013


Malaysia is set to play hosts to the Men's and Women's Asia Cup Hockey Competitions in the next two months.

While the Men's Asia Cup is in Ipoh, the Women's Asia Cup will be held in the National Hockey Stadium Bukit Jalil in September.

Both the tournaments offer a place to the Men's and Women's World Cup in The Hague next year and thus are vital for Asian Hockey.

While the MHC has left it to the Perak HA and Selangor HA to organize the events, it is in violation of its own constitution as both these states have yet to merge their men's and women's associations at state level, something obviously the International Hockey Federation should view with concern.

But that is not all for there is lack of information on these two tournaments and members of the media fraternity have been barraging this blogger with emails seeking information, right from the fixtures to other details like hotel and events.

This goes to show total apathy on the part of the Organisors and to top it all the Asian Hockey Federation website is totally defunct as one cannot access it at all.

But what shames all Malaysians is the fact hat two Singaporeans have been appointed as Tournament Directors for the Asia Cup and Sultan Johor Cup and Malaysians are continued to be snubbed despite holding on to power at the AHF level and represented at the FIH Executive Oard.