Friday, July 19, 2013


Malaysia will have to dish out a whopping RM8.4 million as hosting fee should they be awarded the 2018 World Cup.

And that is excluding the cost of running the World Cup which is an extended field of 16 teams, and Malaysia will have to pay for board and lodging of these teams in addition to the hordes of FIH officials that will make their way to Kuantan, the suggested location for Malaysia as hosts.

On top of that most of the commercial rights will belong to FIH, especially the TV rights which really is the cash cow in any tournament.

Here we are having problems running our domestic competitions but think Otis okay to spend RM8.4 million on just getting an event.

If MHC is financially secure, then why is it that Umpires/Technical Officials for he Malaysian Hockey League, that ended on May 20, yet to receive thir claims for the MHL. The sponsors TNB have already made payment to MHC but the money was channeled towards paying the inflated costs of tickets for the Under 16 team to Germany instead.

So hockey lovers think if its necessary to spend so much to bid for an event and gain back door entry into the World Cup. Don't tell me that we cannot do it on merit with an extended field of 16 teams in 2018?

And talking of bidding, has the approval from the Sports Commissioners office been sought in accordance with the 1997 Sports Development Act?