Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This is what Paul Revington had to say after his meeting with Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah after agreeing to serve out his contract. 

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" I got great clarity over the past 4-5 days. Several things "fell into place" by talking calmly with various people. I came to Malaysia to work WITH the likes of George, Arul, Dharma, Lim, Gobi, Azlan Bakar, Mirnawan, Nada etc - and the period pre CCI proved to be the most outstanding "coaching environment"

I have ever experienced having worked so well WITH all these individuals. Throughout the past 5-6 months there have been immense relationship challenges amongst this group - some innocent bystanders inside this group - and we have all been "wounded" in some way or another. 

As a foreign coach I have relied (and will continue to) on the support of people in the Malaysian Hockey community who share the same goal (i.e. to make quick improvements to Malaysian Hockey on a daily basis) and therefore must work together toward this common goal. 

It is important for people to know that I cannot do this alone and I do not know everything there is to know in hockey. What I do know is that I have an ability as a coach that can build Team work, build confidence in people and the bottom line to produce quality performances and results. 

I need people to continue to support this path, add value where necessary and be Team players again. I feel I have this back in place - which we had pre Champions Challenge I."