Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The Malaysian Hockey League concluded on May 20 and all Technical Officials and Umpires were to submit their claims before May 29.

And with Ramadhan coming to an end in about 11 days time, it is indeed a shame that these officials have to yet to be paid their dues.

What is more alarming is the fact that the sponsors, TNB have paid some RM1.5 million of the sponsorship dues.

This is a sad state of affairs and really the MHC Finance Committee should look at the priorities and not allow money paid for a particular purpose to be utilised to pay certain outstanding bills that some others have vested interests.

For example it will be interesting to know if the ticketibg agent for the Under 16 team to Manhiem has been paid his dues and what was the credit period extended to MHC?

Next we also need to ask if the transporters for the school children brought for the MHL finals have been paid and when?

If both have been paid then why delay the dues of these officials who have sacrificed their weekends for well over two months.  Are they insignificant towards the promotion and development of the sport?

Trust me that my posting will probably see some form of action taking place and these officials getting their dues soon.

And the excuse will be many submitted their claims late. That is no excuse as yiu pay those who meet deadlines and are free to withhold others.

The MHC Competition Committee is surely aware of this but what have they done about it?