Saturday, July 27, 2013


The MHC stands accused of rewarding incompetent hockey officials.

For how can they justify the selection of ghr Perak Hockey Association secretary as the Team Manager of the National Under 16 Hockey Team for the Four Nation Invitational Tournament in Manhiem last May.

It was decided at thr MHC Council Meeting on March 23 that affiliates that have to merge will be barred from participating in domestic inter state competitions and lose their affiliation.

But rather then carry out the threat, MHC went ahead an appointed the said individual as manager of the team who for the record finished last.

This personality only joined the team two days before they left for Germany and the appointment can be considered as a junket for the support of certain individuals seeking re-election for MHC hot seats in next years MHC BGM.

Perak HA used to be helmed bg strong and creditable personalities as the state produced many a national player.

But what is more ironic is the fact that MHC actually rewards incompetence and sending this official when Perak is one if the states that has failed to meet FIH requirements shows that his politics is really to be amazed.

Perak has two vital officials in the MHC Exco, the Deputy President Raja Noora Ashikin and Vice President Dato Abd Rahim Md Ariff.

And rightfully both should vacate their positions as a matter of principle for failing to uplift the MHC Constitution.

Let the record speak that the Secretary was the person who humiliated my late mother by calling me past 2am on Friday 5th July and was obviously drunk as he laughed at my mother's demise when she was still fighting for her life.

God may forgive him but I never will. And I will hunt you down.