Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The other day the Malaysian Hockey Confederation pleaded unaware when the groupings of the Junior World Cup were released by The Star.

And after this blog highlighted the fact that Umpires and Technical Officials have yet to receive their dues and presto I am told that the money has been banked in.

Now we move to another subject, on the question of non qualified affilites playibg host not only to domestic events but also international events.

Perak and Selangor have not merged and are given hosting rights of the Men and Women Asia Cups.

Checks with the Asian Hockey Federation revealed that the Asian body was not told of this issue and are writing to MHC as they were told everything done was in accordance with the constitution.

This blog will now seek clarification from the FIH if MHC has breached any laws since India was punished to the maximum.

Thats the price one pays for ridiculing my late Mum with your drunken stupor. Told you I will hunt you down and Perak best do something before they destroy Malaysian Hockey.

And how is it that NS are given the U21 when they are not merged, the same applies to Terengganu who are given ghr U14 despite a non merger.

Conclusion is simple - remove hosting rights of all four states, bar them from playing any domestic competition till they comply with the constitution.

Ada berani kah MHC?