Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Prior to the MHC elections on May 13, I must say that my phone lines were busy as candidates sought assistance in their quest for positions.

That was almost the same period that I had to overcome depression as I had lost my kidneys and had to resort to dialysis to stay alive.

But while some knew, many were unawares of my medical condition, not even close media friends.

It was trough the help of some individuals that I went through the initial weeks as they ferried me to the dialysis centres and brought me food.

There were a lot of promises made by these candidates to me but I know better as I have been in this sport for 33 years and knew who would use and abuse me after the elections were over.

While I was willing to stick my neck out for some of them, I told those on their face why I just could not support their cause.

I was time and again warned that I will be used and left to fend for myself but I felt that some of the candidates would have mercy on my medical condition and help me go through this difficult phase of life.

But these are no ordinary people as they are akin to academy award winners as they are such good actors.

But over the past few weeks they have showed their true colours and the word "backyard" comes to mind as they have a common watering hold where decisions are made.

Thus it was no coincidence that I actually puked when the Chairmans of various Sub Committees were named.

Cos it has always been a conspiracy from hell as decisions were made over a glass of the unholy spirit, something true to the tradition of the hockey fraternity of late.

The fact remains that you have to be from a particular state of have a shallow knowledge of hockey in order to be within the set - up.

God help these backstabbers and at least my blood is cleaner then yours.