Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Having gone through the list of members of the various sub committees of MHC and taking into account the views of several former office bearers of MHC as well as former players, this blog comes up with a shadow list which could have been considered by the respective Chairpersons.

Amongst the basic principlea adopted in order to reflect proper governance and effectiveness, the following were adhered to :

1. Since no governing council, therefore affiliates involvement is based on zonal such as north zone; central zone; south zone; east coast zone with Sabah and Sarawak. Total 6 Affiliates to be included into key sub committee to chart the policies, activities and communication between federal and state are effectively done.

2. Members appointed based on his/her hockey knowledge and qualification including experience.

3. Term of reference and KPI"s must be given to the respective chairman's as to assist him /her to select the relevant members in order to facilitate the effective as of programs to be undertaken.

Coaching committee
M. Mahendran
Colin sta Maria
Yang Siow Meng
Wallace Tan
Lum Sau Fong
6 Affiliates from Zonal basis

Dato Vijaynathen ( advisor)
Dato Marina Chin - KPM
6 Zonal Affiliates
2 reps from National Association of clubs ( formed by teams in MHL)

Pengarah Bahagian Pembanguna. from NSC
6 State Development Officers from 1MAS on rotational basis
6 Zonal Affiliates
ISN rep
KPM rep
Lim Chiow Chuan

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes
Tan Sri Shahril (Sapura)
Dato Azman (TNB)
Dato KT Rajan 
Tan Sti Mustapha Mansur (FMM)

Dr Calvin Frrnandez
S. Nishel Kumar
Dr SS Cheema
Dr. Anuar Suun

6 Zonal Affiliates
3 Retired International Umpires

High Performance
Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad
Prof Rabinderjeet Singh USM
Dato Dr Ramlan
Rizal Razman (UM Sports Science)
3 Former International - S. Sivabalan 
S.Suriagandhi Maninderjit Singh all who (played hockey at the highest level)

6 Zonal Affiliates
Rodzhanizam Mat Radzi
Rep from KPM Nsc n ISN

Anand Ponnudurai
T Devendra
Oomen Koshy
S. Indran

Johnson Fernandez
Dato Fauzi Omar
Peter Martinez
Tony Mariadass

National Team Mgt
K Balasingam
Ahmad Fadzil (GK expert)
MA Sambu
Arrifin Ghani
I. Vikneswaran
Invitation - team managers n coaches of all national teams

Hockey 5s
6 Zonal Affiliates
Yahya Atan
Rep from KPM