Tuesday, June 16, 2015


With the national sports complex set to undergo major renovations, perhaps the timing could not have been so perfect.

As the list of sub committees was released, it does not have to take someone with a genius mind to figure out things.

For several individuals appear in more then one committee, so much so that they will be shuttling to Bukit Jalil attending meetings, thus what they will deem as giving up their life for hockey.

And if one is to look further into the appointments, there are three individuals who appear everywhere, which leads one to believe that it's a conspiracy to ensure the control of MHC by certain parties.

The composition of the committees is poor to say the least and it is more of recycling the same people all over.

It seems that Malaysia has a lack of talented women as some of those appointed appear in as many as 3 committees.

And another ironic issue is the appointing of the Deputy President 1 to sit in committees like 5 a side. Why on earth should a number 2 want to be a mere member in another sub committee.

The inclusion of club representatives into the competitionscommittee is another error as clubs cannot dictate things for states which are affiliates. This should have been handled better and the one major decision they have made this far is already receiving flak.

The Competitions Committee decided that the national juniors not play as a team in the MHL and the team officials are blaming MHC for their lack of preparation and exposure. This is what we keep harping on - conflict of interest.

As for High Performance, we need experts in the sport to come out with ideas to take the sport to a new level and I do not see that about to happen here.

And the MHC President had so loudly trumpeted the importance of KPI for these committees. So why are the KPI not released to the public?

The whole idea of KPI is to ensure certain standards are achieved and one appoints members based on the needs and abilities. But here it is a case of putting the cart before the horse.

We are also appealed by the lack of inclusion of capable ex officials and internationals in the committees and will come up with a list of those who should have been there.