Wednesday, June 17, 2015


The time has come for the formation of a National Association of Clubs for hockey.

With the MHC Competitions Committee opening the gates by appointing individuals from the clubs that play in the Malaysian Hockey League, perhaps the timing is perfect for the formation of such a body.

The FAM had initiated such a move in 2006 when they amended their constitution, but it failed to materialise as the states were wary of giving any leverage to clubs.

The whole concept of giving clubs some say in what direction hockey is headed is noble but some form of control on their inclusion has to be made, for they could usurp the powers of state affiliates and also the numbers factor must be taken into consideration.

At present there are only 6 clubs in the MHL but at the same time there are several more in the Division One as well as the Women's League.

Thus the clubs should get together and form a body called the national association of clubs.

Membership will be exclusive to clubs participating in the MHL, Division One and Women's League.

And the National Association of clubs will then be accorded the rights of an affiliate, including voting at the elections as well as be allowed to sit in various sub committees.

This will give clubs some legitimacy in providing fresh impetus towards the progress of the sport.

Football is state based and hence it failed to make changes it needed but hockey should set the tone towards clubs to be given proper autonomy.

But does MHC have what it takes to initiate change?