Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Choosing the right people for the right job is what will make the naming of the members of the various Sub-Committees of MHC very interesting this Saturday, the day when the list is to be unveiled.

While the Chairmans were unveiled last Saturday after the EB meeting, they were given a week to come up with names of the members.

While the selection of Chairman was done without much thought, be shell- shocked when the members list is released.

There is a Chinese saying, "when choosing a fish check if the head is rotten" for that's an indication that the flesh is no good.

And with almost all the EB members having vested interests by holding positions at state levels, it is expected that they will appoint virtual yes men to sit in their committees.

Discard the fact that what is more important is the generating of ideas to start improving the sport, for more important is pleasing the top brass of MHC by picking people who will be "publi" candidates - popular but have not done anything for the sport except for making noise rather then contribute effectively.

And while I applaud the decision of FIFA President to quit his post, I keep asking " MHC President Bila Lagi" and any person who does not lead by example is not a fit and proper leader.

From what has been gathered, several persons who have been approached to sit in these committees are those who have vested interest, either still active as players, coaches and more damaging and some being offered places in several sub committees.
The fundamental rule should be no person to sit in more then one committee, no person gainfully employed by MHC or its bodies, no serving self interests and no two persons from same state in the same sub- committee.

It will be pertinent to note that there is no constitutional requirement that forces Chairmans from picking their members from states but with the Governing Council removed, frankly what role have the states to play?

Let's see just how many use this opportunity to consolidate their positions as its time to reward cronies.

And interesting with one state having so much influence, just how will Gundu Mama worm his way into some of the committees.