Friday, June 26, 2015


Volunteerism is probably an alien word to some quarters of a particular national sports body.

But on the other hand many an official are virtually forced to cough up hard earn cash to serve they love.

Two contrasting scenarios but from a similar sport is indeed baffling but the stark reality is that it's the truth and I intend to tell it how it is.

The Malaysian Junior Hockey League was held from January till March and many of the officials who served as umpires/technical officials have yet to receive their dues.

Four months after completing their tasks diligently and efficiently, these officials face a Hari Raya without being reimbursed.

And more ironic is the fact that teams who were to be paid subsidies have yet to receive their money.

And here is the shocking part - the sponsors have paid their commitment to the national body in March itself.

Imagine that some people within the national body receive monthly allowances for what used to be volunteer work by the likes of the late S. Satgunam, S. Preamp alam, S. Jahendran and many more before them.

It will be easy to say that this is an inherited problem and blame the outgoing committee, but get the priorities right.

It is pointless saying that things will change and time is needed when small boys resort to childish ways to resolve issues that are perhaps to manly for some.

Do the right thing by paying all these officials their dues and not let them suffer in silence as others reap the benefits of being on the bandwagon.

Reading the truth hurts but then again as one keeps repeating - I do not care what the blog writes, could well haunt you. For this bloggers has seen many such arrogant officials come and go.