Monday, June 8, 2015


Kidney failure according to the Malays is a rich mans disease.

And I used to wonder why they said that until I was struck with kidney failure in April this year.

The fact of the matter is that you either get a transplant or resort to dialysis for the rest of your God given life to survive.

And mind you dialysis is an expensive affair as it costs around RM250 per session, and one needs 3 sessions a week meaning you are down RM3k a month before you think of anything else.

So how does a free lance writer like me survive?

There are two sides of the coin as in everything in life I guess.

Firstly I have suddenly lost many friends as the tendency is to stay away from a sick man. Some used to call me daily in the past but now days calls and messages go unanswered.

Then you have those who made use of me for their personal growth but now have never called to inquire on my health.

But help comes from unlikely sources and I must appreciate the assistance given by Dato Ow Soon Kooi who has helped secure a dialysis centre via a foundation and the players of the 1993 Junior World Cup squad Mike, Vicky, Nara, Jayamaran, Lam and coach Param who cheered me up. 

And a thanks to the SOJC organisers for settling a long overdue bill.

There are those who will say all kind of things to boost your spirit but when even simple help is requested like a lift to the dialysis centre, they come up with all kind of excuses.

So hitting the streets in search of a job is what I am doing right now. That is the only way to pay for dialysis as in reality talk is cheap as people have used me all their life.

I have gone through the mill and realised that I was merely a stepping stone for some to pursue posts and positions within society so as to be important in decision making process.

And then there are those who utilised friendship to benefit their businesses as they tend to stab you in the back.

Sincerity to me today is the most over prostituted term used by these so called Devils in disguise and I am wary of them already.

So as I head for my dialysis today, I shall await the MHC release their list of Sub Committees as there are RM5.1 million reasons why many have been left out.

And as the abuses go on in the sport I shall continue to expose them as long as the dialysis keeps going on.