Friday, November 30, 2012


Things like this only can happen in MHC.

Look at the pictures and see how the MHC website genius personalities cannot even understand how a format in a hockey competition works.

These images are taken from the MHC website run by the Senior VP who ridiculed this blog last Sunday at the Competitions Committee Meeting.

In their bid to try to upstage me they have been blundering every day and this is a national website.

PDRM and NS are in Group A at the National Veterans Tournament and according the the image the two teams meet in the semis on Saturday afternoon.

And the same applies for Group B where KL and Perak are to meet each other.

It is very clear that Champion of Group A meets Runner Up of Group B and vice versa for the other semis.

Now now do not get upset when your obvious lack of knowledge of hockey is highlighted.

Its easy to shoot your mouth so it will be easy to apologise. But its war that the MHC Senior VP declared so war it is then.

I am watching you.....