Sunday, January 3, 2010


First he had to serve as an "interim" coach for a year. And now Tai Beng Hai has been verbally informed that his contract has been extended by MHF.

But that decision Beng hai was told was still subject to approval from NSC and that a meeting will be held between NSC and MHF soon to iron out the details.

Beng Hai who has opted to stay under the radar since the World Cup Qualifiers in Invercargill was met in Penang during the MHL matches.

"I was told by the Secretary and General Manager that my contract has been extended but I have no details on my role," said Beng Hai.

"All I know is that I am to wait for the joint NSC and MHF meeting that will determine what my responsibilities are."

When asked if he was watching the MHL to identify or monitor players for the national team that is due to assemble in February, Beng Hai said that he was in Penang on his own accord, and that no one had told him of what he has to do since the team returned from Invercargill.

Ironically MHF did not bother booking Beng hai a room and he was returning to Taiping after the matches.