Thursday, January 21, 2010


That image was taken from the MHF website on this particular page

Nevermind the fact that the MHF website is not updated since May 2009. But the fact that they have listed down the name of the late S. Satgunam as Hon. Secretary of MHF in their organisational chart is downright disrespectul to the family of Satgunam. For those who may not know, Satgunam was one of the more distinguished, efficient, honest, dedicated and sincere personalties to have asumed office in the MHF over the past few decades.

It is an error that shows the true capabilities of those helming the MHF as they have listed the MHF Deputy President lower in heirachy then the Vice Presidents. The fact that the organisational chart has HRH Tengku Abdullah as President shows that this chart was only done after the MHF BGM in 2008.

So someone in MHF has to be held responsible. Nevermind the fact that the website is outdated, but such blatant disregard and mistake is an insult to the memory of the late S. Satgunam.