Saturday, January 23, 2010


Nur Insafi are contemplating pulling out of the quarterfinal stage of the MHL if the Malaysian Hockey Federation are adamant to hold all the quarterfinal matches in Kuala Lumpur.

Team principal S. Tatchana said that MHF were being unreasonable by asking the Penang based team to play the two leg quarterfinals in Kuala Lumpur.

"We should be allowed to play one leg of the quarterfinal in Penang," said Tatchana.

"Is this the MHL or KL League since MHF are insisting we play our matches in KL.

"This defeats the very principle MHF were advocating by holding preliminary round matches in Penang, JB and Malacca as they wanted to popularize the league.

"We have made the request bit MHF are not budging hence we will refuse to play the quarterfinals unless one leg is staged in Penang.

"Nur Insafi are the only team outside Klang Valley and one would expect MHF to be more considerate."

What irks Tatchana more is the fact that they have go pay for accomodation and transport for the knockout stage, and that will cost them a bomb as the team has to stay in KL for at least three nights.

And while all teams received transportation allowance and were provided with accommodation for matches in JB, Penang and Malacca, Nur Insafi had to pay their own for two out of the four trips to KL for the preliminary round matches.

"That is downright unfair as the other teams get their expenses covered each time they play outside KL", said Tatchana.

"Why are we given RM2,500 for transport while teams who went to Penang were given RM3,000?

"I am just fed up with the double standards and will withdraw from the knockout stage as we have been unfairly treated by MHF

"The consequences could lead to Nur Insafi being banned, but we can live with that as it has become pointless playing in the MHL if it is run unprofessionally."