Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Update: Nur Insafi await decision of MHF with regards to request to play match in USM. They have yet to be notified in writing by MHF that their appeal has been rejected. (as of 11.30am)

The MHL circus delivered the coup de grace on the only non Klang Valley team when the hastily assembled Technical Committee of MHL decided to accept the withdrawal of Nur Insafi from the knockout stages.

The bone of contention was Nur Insafi requesting to play one leg of their last eight clash at home in Penang, but the jester in the kings court refused to budge and insisted that three meetings were held and no objections was raised.

But what the jester failed to reveal was Nur Insafi was not represented at the meetings and that the fixtures sent out never stated the venue but merely the dates of the quarterfinals, and mind you the second leg was to be played on Thaipusam day, ie Jan 30.

The biggest lie was the refusal of the Sapura team manager who used Thaipusam as an excuse to justify his teams decision not to consider playing a leg in Penang.

Suddenly the Sapura manager wants to. champion the cause of the Hindu players in his team, using Thaipusam as an excuse when he was in the meetings that initially agreed to play matches on Thaipusam day.

So it's best not to avoid the issue and cover the incompetence of the jester in order to be in the good books. Winning a place in the semis by default does not augur well the very essence of sporting spirit was thrown out of the window by the Sapura manager.

The Technical Committee this blog is informed also decided to refer S. Tatchana to the Disciplinary Board for his indiscretion in the match between UniKL and Nur Insafi in Johor Baru two weeks ago.

Ironically the incident was milder then what happened in Penang but no action was taken.

The decision to refer him to the DB must be an after thought since the matches in JB took place on Jan 15 and 16, so Tatchana is probably paying the price for taking on some people in MHF.

Two wrongs do not make a right and MHF have shot themselves in the foot by making a decision based on emotions rather then common sense.

And why was the Competitions Committee decision to utilize local officials in matches in JB and Malacca not carried out ? Should the jester also have his day infront of the DB?

After all the jester is upset with this blog calling the MHL a circus. Would you call it any different with your clowning glory in refusing to allow Nur Insafi a fair chance?

The joke is on you.