Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Though KL Hockey Club remain unbeaten in the ongoing MHL, they will not get to match the achievement of the Yayasan Negri Sembilan team of 1996 who not only remained unbeaten but did not draw a single match in the season where they bagged the treble, the Charity Shield, League and Overall Cup.

Times have changed and the class of 1996 will continue to set standards for other teams to follow. And for those who followed the MHL those days may well remember that the Tun Razak Stadium was filled week in and week out.


Byline : By C. Navaratnam

Column Name : Nava's notes

YAYASAN Negri Sembilan (YNS) deservingly emerged champions in the Malaysia hockey League
winning all three titles in style.

It's indeed an achievement to have remained unbeaten throughout the year.

While players got their share of the RM60,000 prize money, their joy was tinted with news that
their manager Mustapha Kamil, also a director of YNS, will be leaving them next year.
Mustapha's contract ends on Dec 31 and he is not renewing it after being
16 years with YNS.

He together, with his hard working assistant team manager Satwant Singh had been mainly
responsible in building this well-balanced side over the years.

Mustapha, 49, served as a NSHA vice-president and in 1994 played a key role in sponsoring
the State champion schools competition in which 11 teams took part.
Although he contested for one of the vice-presidents' post in the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF)
election last month, it came as a surprise to many that this man, who could have made useful
contributions to the game, was not voted in.

Now that he will be parting from YNS, it remains to be seen if the game will continue to
get the same moral and financial support from his successor.

"We do not actually know the future of hockey when he (Mustapha) leaves. The players
hope that they will be able to continue playing together and bring honour to the state," said Satwant.

"We have been successful because the players and officials have been working closely
like one big family. The management has looked after the welfare of the players and they
(players) have always given their best on the field.

"The team would not have done well if not for the support from Mustapha and other YNS officials.
He was a great motivator and always gave help when needed," he added.

This year YNS was the only side to rope in a foreigner into the side. Indian Olympian
Mukesh Kumar had played a big role in the success of the side.
He returned to India last week to join the national squad to prepare for the Champions
Trophy in Madras, starting on Dec 14.