Friday, January 15, 2010


The much talked about foreign coach that MHF want to engage, Roelant Oltmans is not going to be making an appearance for the MHL matches in Johor Baru this weekend.

And the reason, it is said, has to do with the fact that MHF has yet to revert to the Dutchman with regards to the terms that he had laid out during his visit in Kuantan last November.

And the bone of contention is the amount to be paid to his assistant who reportedly wants Euro 6,000 monthly.

While some quarters in MHF are not too bothered about the financial aspects as they feel that the President will be able to raise the money required through his own resources or the NSC, the more sensible officials have stated that Oltmans will have to let his foreign assistant go should there be no marked improvements in the fortunes of the national team.

The impasse is said to be the main drawback in securing the services of the 55 year old who had coached Pakistan in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

With the asking salaries totalling Euro 16,000, culminating with a total package that will end up around Euro 22,000 per month, MHF really should be asking themselves if it is worthwhile hiring foreign help that cannot guarantee a place in the 2012 Olympics.

And if they are adamant on hiring him, then MHF and Oltmans should be held jointly accountable if Malaysia fails to win gold at the Asian Games this December which will give us an automatic place in the 2012 London Olympics.

Not only should Oltmans leave but so should the MHF officials in the name of accountability and shared responsibility.

The fit and proper thing to do is to get a local coach to handle the team, plan for the qualifiers and use the next 24 months to expose the team.

And besides it's a whole less cheaper!