Saturday, January 2, 2010


To be sure of what transpires as the circus moves outside Klang Valley, I made the long trip to Penang to have a first hand look at what the reception of the locals will be to the MHL.

I will sum up the weekend in Penang on Monday but since I here I might as well provide readers with some highlights on what's happening.

But I shall not provide detailed accounts of the matches as some tend to utilize my jotting for their papers without even crediting this blog, a transgression I had initially not bothered about but when it becomes habitual, you tend to get cheesed off.

And why should I bother giving publicity to the MHL when Kandasamy even does not care despite heading the Media Committee.

In the first match Sapura took a 4-0 lead at halftime and frankly UniKL play like novices.

Final result Sapura 4 UniKL 0

In the second match KLHC took a first minute lead via Chua Boon Huat and built on that lead with a strong display of attacking hockey.

Final score KLHC 3 Maybank 1

Final score TNB 2 NurInsafi 1

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