Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wondering why such a heading? Read on and you could well be eligible to represent your state in the "maybe" National Indoor Championships this June.

While the MHL continues its circus like atmosphere, with hardly any spectators in Penang, and where an ex-Assistant Hon. Secretary of MHF was reduced to playing the role of a ball boy in the MHL matches on Jan 8, and where kids are deprived of decent rain coats while the MHF officials continue to warm their chairs with complete disregard of their obligations, some interesting decisions were made today.

The MHF Competitions Committee met today and some of the decisions that they have taken are as follows:

- Razak Cup - will be in JB, all teams must register 4 Under 21 players and any two must be fielded at any given time. However the format of the two divisions remnains unchanged.

- Junior League reverts to its old format.

- Under 16 in Sandakan

However while we applaud the decision with regards to the Under 21 players in the Razak Cup, the refusal to change the format is unjustified. Teams will continue to ignore the Razak Cup if this format is maintained.

Another bone of contention is the complete disregard for states whereby the MSSM, Sukma and the National Indoor Championships are to be held at the same period in June.

One has to understand that Sukma is for the Under 23 this year and thus we will see mostly veterans playing the Inaugural National Indoor Championships.

But then again it could be another ruse by MHF, as no Indoor Championship has been held despite being in the MHF calendar year in and year out.