Thursday, January 7, 2010


Roelant Oltmans has virtually agreed ( for I cannot use the word certain as MHF are known for last minute bloopers) to handle the Malaysian National Hockey Team and will be in the country to watch the players in action during the Malaysia Hockey League matches scheduled for the weekend of January 15 and 16 in Johor Baru and January 23 in Malacca.

This blog was made to understand that the Dutchman is expected to go thru the finer details of his contract during his stay here and also identify the players needed for the national team.

He is also expected to hold negotiations with MHF on his role, which will not be limited to the national team, but will also provide input to the other age group teams within the ambit of NSC and MHF.

His visit, besides to look at the players will also give him an opportunity to view firsthand the accommodation ( to be provided by NSC) and the vehicle ( to be provided by MHF).

Oltmans will also bring along an assistat coach and MHF/NSC want him to have two local assistants. One of them is Tai Beng Hai while the other coach has yet to be identified by MHF.

Surprisingly MHF and NSC have not mentioned Nor Saiful Zaini in any statements so far so that leaves the TNB Head of Sports Unit in a limbo.

Perhaps MHF should consider naming Project 2013 coach K. Dharmaraj as the assistant to Oltmans as he is one of the more successful local coaches in recent months.

While all of this is going on, the MHF Coaching Committee has yet to convene a meeting to discuss the so-called three foreign coaches that the Hon. Secretary had made a statement about last month.

However the all too powerful, yet illeagal Team Management Committee is set to hold a meeting this Saturday to discuss the positions in the national team set-up, right from the team manager to coaches, and is also expected to usurp the authority of the Coaching Committee.

And yes, the MHF Management Committee will meet on January 23 in Malacca, the home turf of the Deputy President.

Earlier Posting

This blog will reveal certain details with regards to Roelant Oltmans and his impending appointment as the next Malaysian coach later today, it's much more interesting to read as I believe MHF have tried their best to plug the leak.