Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Normally it will take just three months to replace the turf at a hockey stadium. But it is learnt that the both the hockey stadiums at the National Sports Complex Bukit Jalil will be closed for a period of 8 to 10 months, thus severely disrupting the preparations of the national teams as well as the domestic calendar this year.

The question is just what other repairs are necessary at this time when the economy of the country could well do with prudent spending.

The Stadium Board have to make public the plans on the renovations they intend to carry out and if MHF was told in advance of the closure of the stadiums.

More ironic is the delay in laying the new pitch as the two stadiums have had their share of problems since last August.

Next to the two stadiums, there is only the Tun Razak Stadium available, and this must be shared by the various national teams as well as schools and clubs within Klang Valley.

The KLHA Stadium has lighting problems, something that DBKL is slow to act on despite various requests and next to them is the MOE turf, which will also see it being re-turfed.

The MMPJ Stadium it is learnt will also be re-turfed soon, heading off an intention by the local authority initially to change it to a futsal centre.

Someone out there is making mega bucks from the re-turfing excercises but what I want to know is where will the pitches removed from the national stadiums head to?

And since all the turf re-laying went to one company, including the work at the Sarawak Stadium, were unseen hands hard at work, a certain personality can enrich, oops sorry, enlighten us,