Sunday, February 12, 2012

Every stick has two ends

In a break from tradition, I opted not to ask the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sulatn Ahmad Shah any questions during the press conference after the meeting held on Saturday, February 11.

My reasons were simple, for I would allow MHC to have their full say and then provide comments since whatever we say or write falls on deaf ears anyway. So why bother asking questions when it is clear that the notion is MHC cannot do anything wrong?

Besides I had posed questions to the President via emails but did not get a reply so thus my lack of desire to pose any questions.

I had the utmost respect for the President, but I have to perceive things differently from now onwards. I have always believed the notion that the leader is as good as those who surround him and that has not changed.

It is clear that those surrounding the President have misled, deceived and above all kept the President from the truth. For the President had said in the past that he needed guidance and that he is getting, from all who just want to safeguard their positions.

If truth and betterment of hockey was the sole objective, then why was Tengku Abdullah not told things like how one official sabotaged the Junior Hockey League by coming out with unimaginable fixtures that clearly were an attempt to derail the efforts of the Technical Committee. At the same time perhaps the President will want to look at why there is lack of co-operation by the office staff towards the JHL when one is even given a vehicle?

Lets face the facts, the interest is not hockey but just what benefits they can get out of it. As the saying goes, give Tengku "cerita sedap" and all will be fine.