Sunday, February 12, 2012


Having seen how hockey is being administrated in the country where personalities have total disregard to the rule of law in order to safeguard their positions, I have taken a long and hard look at the situation and decided to no longer administer websites for tournaments.

This is in line with the fact that MHC should be the body responsible towards providing information on hockey in the country.

And since the secretariat of MHC is so competent, the task should solely be theirs and thus the websites are available to parties interested to administer them.

I will only update my blogs and but these two sites will no longer provide results or news on tournaments or teams but will solely concentrate on matters affecting the running of MHC.

I thank you for the kind support over the years but believe that the underhand tactics employed by some personalities within MHC, some who lie while others who are more interested in trying to find out my source, with the Secretary even claiming I have access to their emails.

So rather then provide info, which is a free service so far, I will just comment. After all it was a blog that put most of these officials in their current positions