Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The Malaysian Hockey Confederation meeting scheduled for February 11, 2012 ( Saturday) as per the notice below can be deemed as unconstitutional and ultra vires of the new MHC Constitution due to reasons outlined below.

This posting is to remind those who are holding on to their positions of the pledge one takes when assuming office, to safeguard the sacred constitution, and not interpret it to one's whims and fancies.

It is a wonder as to why this is being allowed to happen especially when there are supposedly so many personalities who claim to know hockey best and have the ability to convince the President of MHC into chairing it what can be deemed as an abuse of power simply by reading the constitution and understanding the provisions.

The notice of meeting states as part of its agenda that appointment of Chairpersons of Sub Committees will take place. And there are 13 sub committees, with 12 eligible persons ( as there are 10 vice presidents and 2 senior vice presidents). But with the Disciplinary Board to be independent and Finance Committee chairperson to be the Hon. Treasurer, so only 11 posts for 12 people, minus the Deputy President.

The above provision in simple English means that all office bearers of the previous MHC shall no longer hold to positions and thus an AGM or fresh elections ought to be held inline with the new constitution as approved on October 8, 2011. But as it stands the office bearers are clinging on to power.

It is very clear that the power to appoint the Chairperson of the Committees of MHC rests on the MHC Governing Council and not the Executive Board ( as stated in the notice of meeting above).

And to prove the shoddy work in preparing such an important document such as the constitution, read para O as pending the appeal to the Appeal Committee, the suspension remains in force until the Governing Council arrives to a decision. But where is the Appeal Committee in the constitution as no provision under formation of committees?

So if you are part of the new MHC and not doing anything about these matters, then you can be deemed as guilty by association...sounds familiar... not a cows tale.