Saturday, February 4, 2012


Well it was back to reality as Malaysia lost 1-8 to Australia in their fourth and final friendly against the world number one ranked team in Perth this morning.

Reality because even here in Malaysia some over zealous officials and journalists went overboard with praises after Malaysia had defeated the Aussies 5-2 in the third match on Thursday.

Obviously either these people do not know hockey or were fed with wrong information on the opponents line up.

Suffice to say that Australia did not field their first team in any of the four matches.

So a 8-1 defeat and the excuses will be learning curve, players not following instructions, defensive errors, not following game plan, over whelmed by the occasion and yes before I forget, we did not have our full team as Razie was out injured.

Let's face the fact, we still have a chance at Dublin, the players can do it as I am confident in their ability, just stay focused and be consistent as your coaches are in their excuses.