Saturday, February 25, 2012



It has been brought to my attention that the said Umpire was late as the bus he was on broke down. And as a result the reserve Umpire was tasked to officiate the match.

This blog wishes to thank Lt. Col Muthukumar for the clarification and accepts the reasoning given as it could happen to just anyone.

It is the honest and open concept adopted by Muthukumar that I applaud and hope other office bearers in MHC can communicate when matters are raised that are of public interest. 

Umpires officiating in the MJHL are fuming that a colleague of theirs has been rewarded with two plum quarterfinal appointments despite him turning up late for league matches.

It is learnt that a report was submitted by the Technical Official as well as the Match Commissioner with regards to the failure of the said umpire to turn up on time and he only arrived five minutes before the said match.

And the same umpire was said to have missed a potential red card incident during a league match that almost resulted in a free for all.

Hence the newly appointed Chairman of the MHC Umpires Committee has to answer with regards to this scenario as umpires cannot write in to voice their grievances lest stand accused of misconduct.