Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Some ten days after the MHC had their Executive Board Meeting, little info has been disseminated by the secretariat to the affiliates and the public.

One of the agenda's for the meeting was the appointment of Chairpersons of the various Sub Committees of MHC. And in accordance with the MHC Constitution there were 13 such Sub Committees.

While the EB disregarded the fact that they did not have the constitutional right to appointment the Chairpersons, due to the Secretary highlighting that the EB had such rights under Article 15 ( which shows lack of understanding of the constitution ), they adhered to 13 appointments.

But here is where it gets interesting for in the Constitution it clearly lays out the fact that only Vice Presidents can be appointed as Chairpersons and this privilege is not extended to either Independant Members or those not in the MHC.

It is therefore evident that some quarters in MHC have no regards for the constitution as they opt to interpret it according to their whims and fancies.

For not only did the EB go ahead and appoint the Chairpersons, they even went on to appoint Co-Chairpersons, something that was removed from the constitution during the MHC EGM held on October 8 last year.

Now over-riding the decision of the supreme body of the MHC is sheer arrogance or total dis-respect, that is for readers to decide for the affiliates will just keep quiet as long as trips are given.

Let's now take a look at the appointments and for the lack of official information I will just name them as was given to me by those at the meeting.

Chairperson - K.Maheswari (VP)
Co-Chairperson - Ken Pereira ( no post )

Chairperson - M.Gobinathan ( VP )
Co-Chairperson - Lt Kol Muthukumar (ATM)

Nat Team Management Committee
Chairperson: Dato Nur Azmi ( Senior VP)
Co-Chairperson - Associate Prof Dr. S.Shamala ( Senior VP )

Appeals Board
Chairperson: Tan Sri Anwar ( Ex President MHF)

Disciplinary Board
Chairperson: Bustaman

Marketing & Sponsorship
Chairperson: Dato Radhakrishnan ( Independant Member)
Co-Chairperson - Dato Yusof ( VP )

Chairperson- Dato Rahim Ariff ( VP )
Co Chairperson : from women

Chairperson- Manjit Majit ( VP )
Co Chairperson : from women

Chairperson: Dato Dr Ramlan ( ISN CEO)
Co Chairperson : Dato SS Cheema ( Independant Member )

High Performance Committee
Chairperson: Dr. Shamala

Chairperson: Dato Anarul ( Treasurer )
Co Chairperson : Dato Yusof ( VP )

Legal & Special Projects

To be continued.....