Sunday, February 19, 2012



The last time I checked, the distance between Johor Baru and Kuala Lumpur was just over 400 km while the distance between Dublin and KL was something in the range of 7500 miles.
But perhaps it has since changed as only 4 (FOUR) Malaysian Hockey Confederation officials made the trek down south for the MJHL matches today.

The four are pictured above and for those who might not know, MHC comprises of 1 President, 1 Deputy President, 2 Senior Vice Presidents, 10 Vice Presidents, 1 appointed Secretary and Treasurer and 1 appointed Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer respectively.

And lets not forget the four Independent Members that are appointed by the President.

So in total of 22 officials, only 4 turned up and there are 28 going to Dublin, and from the four pictured only the two men are going.

The only twp other persons besides the group of 22 who may be going and was present was the Johor HA Secretary and Armed Forces Deputy President.

Go figure out if hockey is really their passion...