Friday, January 4, 2013


Received information that two umpires walked off the pitch during the Project 2013 v KNSU matches last month

This was after one of the umpires was involved in a shouting spree with the Korean coach after a Korean player was hit on the face by the stick of a Malaysian player.

This is interesting as MHC attempted to just "close both eyes" in a situation that is potentially embarrassing to the country.

So while the MHC Umpires Committee Chairman deems it fit to usurp every position within the Competitions Committee, why has he not acted on this matter yet? It's time to get the house in order as so far as umpiring is concerned in the country.

So it appears that the Chairman is so keen to do everything these days, from doing fixtures to pitch inspection when he really should be looking into such incidents and act upon them.

It appears that one of the umpires had influenced the other to walk off, pack their bags and leave the stadium, thus forcing team officials to officiate the match themselves. The said incident happened just minutes into the second half.

And how is it that the MHC website administrators failed to write or highlight the said incident? Perhaps the policy of you scratch my back and I scratch yours was put into place.

Time to act Tengku Abdullah. Am certain that you were not aware of this incident and the impact it has on the good name of hockey in the country and internationally with HRH an elected member of the FIH.

It's a crying shame when certain officials within MHC gang up to serve self interest and when Chairmanship of Committees is just mere positions of status rather then being effective.