Tuesday, January 22, 2013


If only Malaysia had good relations with the Australian coaches, Malaysia would have benefitted from the departure of the Pakistani players from the Hockey India League.

Instead it's Australians that continue to cash in, both in terms of experience as well as hard cash as five more Australians are picked to replace the Pakistanis.

Ric Charleswoth who coaches Mumbai Magicians and Punjab Warriors coach Barry Dancer immediately filled their sought after vacancies with trusty foes - 2013 Kookaburras national squad players.

Charlesworth added Kookaburras co-captain Liam de Young, London Olympic bronze medallist Tim Deavin and 2012 Champions Trophy gold medallist's Glenn Simpson and Jason Wilson. The Magicians team now comprises 8 Australian players while the Warriors have 7. Dancer opted to replace Kashif Shah with Victorian and 2012 Champions Trophy gold medallist, Russell Ford.

Here in Malaysia we have tons of committees to look after various aspects and its the responsibility of the High Performance Committee or the National Team Management Committee to look into this matter ( the two can sort it out together as their Chairpersons have things in common as the saying goes birds of a feather flock together, through their sheer display of ignorance of regulation) .

But while the anarchy in Malaysian Hockey continues, for the plea of the President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to close ranks and work together is ignored due o pettiness and greed for power, it is the sport that continues to lose out internationally.

If only these personalities could see the damage they are doing to hockey, all because they want the attention of the President.

Maybe it's time for the President to ride away into the sunset and let this devilish creatures fend for themselves and we continue to suffer the ills of greed.