Monday, January 21, 2013


In what can only be categorised as an open defiance of the leadership of Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah as the Malaysian Hockey Confederation President, a few officials have resolve to work against him.

For so upset are they that HRH gave a statement to this blog about the hosting of the World Hockey League semis that they even did not load any story of the said subject on the official website of MHC.

Not that they are capable of putting pen to paper and come up with their own articles as they have only lifted or rather copy and paste articles from two major English dailies onto their website.

Its a crying shame that the President is being enticed into the gutter politics being practiced by a select few who really should walk away if unprepared to work with the President.

After all most of these officials parachuted into their positions when the merger took place and were not duly elected at an AGM.

And for calling me a mere blogger, well at least I am proud to use the name given to me by my parents and can write, unlike some who copy and paste and could not construct a sentence to save their lives.

Move on lah for your bickering is damaging to hockey as a whole. Walk the talk or get out.