Tuesday, January 1, 2013


While the Malaysian Hockey Confederation continue to play games with regards to the participation of the SSTMI girls team in the Malaysian Junior League, the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah spoke like a true leader, taking the bull by its horns.

"Since its just an idea,I think its not a good suggestion. Ladies should have their own league, with the inclusion of strong team from the girls school," said Tengku Abdullah when his views sought on the statement by the MHC Secretary Johari Aziz in a local daily today.

That statement alone should make matters crystal clear as Tengku Abdullah made it obvious that he is not agreeable and proposed a women's MJHL, something the Competition Committee should have thought of instead of allowing one of their members to bulldoze her way.

The said personality should be taken to task for bringing disrepute to the game and at the same time putting MHC in bad light and rightfully should be brave enough to admit the error and design from the Competition Committee.

The issue was first highlighted by this blog when the name of SSTMI Girls appeared on the MHC micro website as one of the teams of playing in the Division Two.

It was then learnt that it was the prodding of the MHC Senior Vice President that led SSTMI sending in an application addressed to the said Senior VP who in turn tried to lobby members of the MHC Competitions Committee via email.

In the first place procedure was not followed as the entry was not submitted through the Sports Nit of the Ministry of Education. And more importantly MHC was shifting the goal posts to allow a favored team instead of opening the MJHL to other girls teams as well.

It was in 2011 that a MWHA team played in the MJHL but that was on invitation and that led to issues when Matri refused to play them and were subsequently thrown out from the MJHL, fend RM500 and barred from participating for a year.

So why would MHC want to revisit history and create an issue. Best is the matter not be discussed at all and ignore the entry, but not before taking those responsible to task first.

Infact many hockey officials have voiced their concerns with regards to the participation of the SSTMI Girls. Here we carry their messages either ia email or SMS to this blog without naming them as MHC is known to go after them.

"Regardless of lack in women tourney ( which need to be address as well), SSTMI girls don't belong in MJHL albeit Division Two,( competitiveness wise). I might agree to women national team to participate (still some might cry over sensitive religious issue). if this is already a decision, I wold question which body in MHC that resolute to this ridiculous precedent."

"Do all the participating teams know about this? Will this be discussed during the managers meeting? Why are they taking the risk again and what has the Competition Committee to say about this?"

"We already had a problem a few years ago where a Perlis team refused to play?"

"I totally disagree. In MHL do we let the senior women team participate. That will be better instead of wasting money participating in overseas tournaments. Will Matri play against the girls team. They should let other girls team to participate as well and not bother doing a JHL for girls."

"MHC making a mockery of the MJHL. I don't agree and MHC should consult teams first."