Sunday, January 6, 2013


Never a day goes by that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation makes mistakes that is highlighted in this blog.

While it is newsworthy, some of the decisions or rather actions taken are really mind boggling to say the least.

All we expect those in positions to do is to ensure hockey in the country is run without fear or favour and above all with sincerity.

But just when you thought it was a Sunday without much to write on since the MJHL fiasco, there pops up another piece of news that never should have surfaced in the first place.

Well the National Team Management Committee is holding a meeting this coming Tuesday, There is nothing wrong in them holding a meeting I must admit, for many committees with MHC are just there for namesake, some aleady covered with cobwebs.

The issue here is that this committee discusses the affairs of the various national teams, including the senior team. But the two coaches, Paul Revington and Arul Selvaraj are not in town as both will be arriving from Cape Town and Dublin on January 9 ( Wednesday) respectively.

Though in mitigation one could say that the team manager, George Koshy, could preset their proposals, it is still mind boggling as to why the meeting cannot be held upon their return.

Revington had made it clear that he has some plans in store for the national team, and could not divulge much information on it until the meeting with MHC and NSC. But while he respected authority, one wonders what is so important that this meeting is being rushed.

For starters does the Chairman, in this case Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad not know that the duo are cuttrentky away and will not be present?

Or did the MHC Secretary, who outsourced the preparation of the MJHL fixtures which became the laughing stock at the team managers meeting, not inform the Chairman that the two are unabkle to come on the said day.

Maybe it is because the Committee wants to discuss the issue of the 800 Euro per day coach that was with the team at the Champions Challenge in Argentina next month. This has become the talking point in the corridors of MHC, but its a whisper campaign at the moment, likelky to blow up real soon.