Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As a friend pointed out after reading the last posting in this blog, what has happened in the Malaysian Hockey Confederation  is akin to a mutiny on a ship and punishable by death.

However in MHC one can get away with murder so as to speak of late. Some pay scant respect to the MHC President as they continue to defy his instructions and the fact that there are camps is very evident.

These are they very people who forced former Secretary Maninderjit Singh to walk out with his head held high as ratger then conform to unethical means these so called officials were trying to force upon him, Mike just walked away.

These are the very people who now question why procedure was not followed in making public the awarding of the World League Semi Finals.

Its boikd down to losing face, cos it was a mere blogger that shared the good news, and MHC Secretary General was so peeved about it that hr gathered his troops to launch and attack on some within MHC.

Since emails have been flying throughout the day talking about proper procedures and so forth, let me now get these very people to address several issues of procedures that they have opted to forget when they make blunders.

- why is not action taken on the person or persons responsible in accepting the entry of the Kedah Women U16 team when it was not submitted by Kedah HA but rather by an individual? Is this in accordance with PROCEDURE?

- Teams were told via a circluar signed by the Secretary General that those playing in the National Women U16 will receive subsidy of RM3, 000 each. But only RM1, 000 was paid out and last weekend it was decided that it was a MISTAKE to say subsidy was RM3.000. Is this a correct PROCEDURE?

- The duo, Robert Alacantra and Mohd Rofhanizam Mat Radzi were banned by the MHC Disciplinary Committee on Septrmber 10. Its was a conditional punishment, that they either pay a fine of RM2, 500 or be banned from the sport for 2 years. Robert submitted an appeal in October and is said still awaiting the reply. Does it take that ling to convene a meeting? Now lets talk PROCEDURE?

- The Women Indoor team to the AHF Champiinships in Bangkok last October was selected based on personal relationships. No trials nor selections were held. Even the MHC Coaching Committee was not consulted in the appointment of the coach. Now now who discarded PROCEDURE?

- The pending appointments of Tai Beng Hai as Coaching Director and Hashim Mohd Yusof as Competitions Secretary remain just that, pending, despite the Special Committee for Appoinments and the MHC President giving their nod. Hence is PROCEDURE being followed or just that Beng Hai made a victim cos the so called power brokers prefer their own candidate?

- Why was there no lettter of show cause sent to Nor Saiful Zaini despite the Tournament Director having raised the issue on November 25 at the Competitions Committee in Seremban? And why was the subject matter left out from thr minutes? Who prepared the minutes and was it correct PROCEDURE that the Secretary General does not have to record minutes?

- And in talking PROCEDURE,  the last Management Meeting of the MHC was held in June last year with the Council Meeting in Spetember. So what hapened to the PROCEDURE in accordance with the constitution?

- Just take a look at the 2013 MHC Calendar that was recently distributed. It is littered with mistakes and will be the subject of another post. So are PROCEDURES followed?

One could go on and on with this but clearly the actions of a select few has tarnished the image of the MHC President.

While it is always good to be transparent and be forthcoming in presenting views, one must never be personal in their attacks. There is an unseen hand in all this who manipulate s others in order to serve his agenda.

What I do want to know is where were these so called concerned personalities when Dangerous Lee broke down and walked away from the National Juniors Squad? Why was there no concern from these officials who write in contempt just because a blogger helped the MHC President prepare and distribute a Press Release? And you want to talk PROCEDURE?

Has the MHC in the last 10 months ever prepared and sent out a Press Release? Have fhey kept abreast with the media on what is happening? Have they ever wrote a story to publish on their Official Website?

The advise, and I repeat to them again the words of their President - Jangan cakap saja, buat kerja, is a timely reminder to all. Stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand with your President, stop your whining and delegations to Shahzan House to run down others. Enough is enough.

And if you cannot do that,  then instead of crying PROCEDURE,  do the correct thing by submitting your resignation for undermining a leader is akin to mutiny.