Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Below is an email I received from Puan Sri Raja Noora Ashikin, the Deputy President of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation. I wish to place on record here that I am publishing this email as Puan Sri has stated in the final para that she has circulated her email to members of the MHC Council, hence the readers of this blog should be accorded the same privilege.

I must state here that I respect the right to reply by Puan Sri and thus will not respond to this email here but in another posting. While others take pot shots at me in the various sub-committee meetings, I applaud the initiative of Puan Sri responding instead of hiding behind the veil of authority.

Her reply shows that there are some within MHC who can accept criticism and respect the views of others. In short Puan Sri has shown that with mutual respect things can only progress. But at the same time I wish to state that I have the right to refute some points raised in he email, for clarity and betterment of the sport.

Read on....

Dear Satwant.

I am replying to clarify the situation. First of all, I emailed Manjit because I feel the statement should have come out from the secretariat since Tuanku president is away. Secondly, The official letter from FIH has not come out yet and there were other bidders involved.

I am overjoyed with the news Malaysia being playing host and I am sure all of us in MHC and all of us hockey passioniosta are to, but I believe MHC should officially release the news when we have been officially been informed. We can carry on doing all the background work as what Manjit had done to secure who to host in Malaysia but we should not jump the gun and announe and should also leave it to our president to announce the news officially.

There is no mutiny or defiance as you have put it. Kindly do not interpret a simple email of guidance if I may use the word. I am a person who believes in following the proper procedure and protocol. this a very important element in any organization

Kindly be respectful and let us all behave with decorum. I am here because I love hockey and so do you and many others. Let us show our deep sense of love and commaradie in this sport by remaining united. It does not augur well for hockey when every internal matter is publicised. Moral of officials and players I believed will be affected too

I am writing this note to you in good faith and am forwarding this email to council members. I have always have great respect for you because of your knowledge on sports and let us all remain respectful and civilised with each other

Yours sincerely
Raja noora ashikin