Monday, January 7, 2013


His name is Dangerous Lee but in reality there is nothing dangerous in him but the fact that he is living in a fantasy world, where he feels that life is a bed of roses, that glory comes without hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

Sarawak's Dangerous Lee pulled out of the National Juniors squad via a SMS to his coach K.Dharmaraj on Sunday evening.

He was the only East Malaysia player to have made an impression over the past two decades to warrant a place in a national set up as so far as hockey is concerned.

But he chickened out, so unlike the spirit of a Sarawakian that holds dear to the saying " agi idup agi ngelaban" .( still alive still fight )

Over the past 24 hours this blogger managed to speak to him and try get him to return to training, something Dharmaraj was keen on as he saw the potential of the player.

But despite a phone call where Dangerous Lee was in tears as he tried to justify his withdrawal which was centered around his lack of confidence, he stuck to his decision and sent in an SMS just minutes ago.

An attempt was made via MHC Vice President Jeniffer Williams to try talk to the player and his family but calls and SMS went unanswered.

No effort was spared to convince him but he just would not budge.

It may be a lost cause to some but efforts should be made by the other 11 Vice Presidents to talk sense into this boy. The team management and coaches can only do so much but it's the system that has failed us.

Take a step back into August last year when this player was in the centre of a battle of playing in the Premier Division or the First Division of the MHL.

Some archaic regulations were enforced by the Bukit Jalil Sports School to force this player and two others to represent the school in the MHL

And it must have been a tremendous boost to the boys confidence. Infact national coach Paul Revington was impressed by the display of Kavin Karthik in the Sultan Johor Cup and was left wondering how he missed the exploits of the player in the MHL. Simple as he played in the lower division.

So really it's pointless blaming the players when it's crumbs we are after when in reality these are unpolished gems that should be given a proper development system.

Sports Schools are neither boon or name for hockey but its the pencil pushers that are to be blamed for killing the careers of youngsters.

Over to you Mr. President of MHC to resolve this.

This now brings me back to one question, will the player be left of the hook for turning his back on the nation?

Flashback to 2001 and ismail Abu was banned from the MJHL cos he wanted to play for his club. So what's stopping MHC from shutting the door on Dangerous for the MHL?