Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Having arrived this evening I was alerted by a friend to catch the news of a sports channel with regards to the failure of the national hockey team.

And I was having a good laugh after watching the segment on hockey.

Firstly they addressed Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad as the Deputy President of MHC. For their information Azmi is now the Senior Vice President of MHC, a position he assumed since January 2012.

Secondly when I wrote that national coach Tai Beng Hai had sent a SMS offering his resignation, it was sent to the MHC President and not Azmi. So really Azmi should not comment on something he does not know as this information was shared with me by a senior official.

Thirdly, and more importantly Azmi is NOT the Chairman of the Coaching Committee so he has no right to talk about coaching appointment.

So it's best that those who want to pass judgement on the team either know what they are talking about and not just bark without knowing their facts.