Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Many have often asked me why I run this blog, especially when there is no income derived from it?

I too have often wondered why I do this, when I could just easily ignore the malpractices so often seen in this sport and just turn a deaf ear, a blind eye, and let those in power and positions do what they want.

And in the process I could rake in the money, compromising my principles as I just do what is the beckoning of this incompetent, power crazy and above all abusive officials.

Take for example my being here in Dublin, for I am the only person from a group of 50 who is here that forks out his own money, not being sent here by employers, nor am in the government sponsorship or part of the royal entourages or the stout supporters group.

Yes I did earn money from hockey doing events like the Azlan Shah Cup and Sultan Johor Cup as well as the MHL.

But i have turned down the Azlan Shah Cup due to the fact that the MHC Secretary has laid claim that it was solely through his efforts that I secured the job.

So rather then be seen to be indebted to this person, I decided not to carry on this year and am told that the news was well received by the organisers and the MHC.

But the sad part was that they victimized my brother, for they could not bring me down and resorted to dubious means by denying my brother whose passion for hockey is second to none.

I was negotiating with the organisers of the Asia Junior Cup in Malacca in turn but that too seems to have fallen through even though they sent an appointment letter but never invited to the launch of the event two weeks ago.

And I received an email seeking confirmation that I had accepted the appointment, where I duly stated that the financial aspects had yet to be formalized.

Guess what, within 24 hours of putting up my costing, I was told by another person that the job had been already awarded to another company, well so be it then.

That leaves only the SOJC and might as well let others run it as well now.

For the information of hockey and sports fans out there, I had even submitted two proposals to provide content to the then MHF website but the proposals never reached the President, or at least that's what he told me via email.

Some may claim that I am bitter, for if I am bitter then why am I here writing on the Olympic Qualifiers? Why am improvising news to hockey fans out there who cannot get news safe from the print media at times?

I have decided not to provide match reports or news on the various tournaments anymore, no more writing on positive aspects, no more providing scores and reports of matches, just one liners from now on with regards to the progress of national teams and the domestic tournaments.

Am sure the 23 STOUT supporters, the MHC officials, the royal entourages can do that.

From today onwards it's just commentary that will be provided by this blog and if you are upset and feel cheated, well go vent your frustrations to the MHC, for as incompetent as they are, they might not even get around reading your complaints as they do not work after 5 nor do they work on weekends.

I am not prepared to compromise my principles and refrain from writing the truth just to please some of theses officials who hockey could do without.