Monday, March 26, 2012



Junior Asia Cup

Group A
Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Iran

Group B
Pakistan, India, China, Bangladesh

The Malaysian Hockey Confederation are expected to hold a Coaching Committee Meeting this Thursday, March 29, to determine the fate of coaches Tai Beng Hai, Nor Saiful Zaini Nasiruddin as well as NTCC Stephen van Huizen.

This follows the failure of the national team at the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin were they suffered the ignominy of not even making the final to stand a shot at the London Olympics.

But before the MHC opts to proceed with the meeting, perhaps the Secretary of MHC would care enlighten hockey followers of the following:

- was the appointment of Chairmanship of the various sub-committees made at the MHC Executive Board meeting in February?

- if yes was it in accordance and in compliance with the provisions of the MHC Constitution as approved during the MHC EGM held on October 8?

- furtherance to that if both are in the affirmative, then why has not the list been released to the media, public and affiliates?

- what is the composition of the committee, in this regards the names of the members of the various sub-committees?

- why is there no MHC Council Meeting held to endorse the names of the Chairmanship and members of the various committees?

Having answered all those questions only can the Coaching Committee meeting be legitimate as the administration of MHC has many unanswered questions before they question coaches about the failure in Dublin.

It is pointless portraying the holier then thou attitude when it is clear that the weakness in administration has many a time left the MHC with egg on their face.

And do not be surprised if someone who currently wears two hats be handed the third this Thursday for the campaigning started even before the first step onto the Dublin bound plane was undertaken.

This is part of a grand plan in place to ensure that only those within a select group will reap the benefits of a plan hatched years ago in the name of saving Malaysian hockey.