Sunday, March 18, 2012


Accepting responsibility is always difficult when we fail in something that we are supposed to deliver, be it in sports or politics.

There is always a veiled manner in which personalities attempt to cling on, hoping that their failurte will somehow be overlooked and another chance be provided.

But I was somewhat surprised ay contrasting reaction after Malaysia were bundled out of yet another Olympics following the failure to get past Ireland in a crucial match in Dublin on Saturday.

To be fair I did not ask Tai Beng Hai on his future with the national team, but others did and the answer fron him was that he would leave his fate in the hands of MHC, a body that is full of personalities that have failed to recognise the grey areas in develoment.

However National Team Coaching Co-ordinator Stephen vam Huizen was more forthcoming off the camera as he said he was prepared to take responsibility.

Watch how both handle the situation differently in the videos above. There was a tinge of sadness looking at Beng hai as one could see he was on the verge of tears while Stephen was steady, givng indications that even players might go.