Monday, March 12, 2012


There was a major blunder in the match between Kore and Chile as the organisors played the Malaysian national anthem instead of the one for Chile.

And even with the Malaysian journalists pointing out the mistake after singing their hearts out, the second time around it was Negaraku that was blaring out of the speakers, much to the disdain of the Chile players who just wanted the match to get underway.

And once the match got underway, Korea had trouble breaking through the stubborn Chile defence, who at times had all 11 players behind the ball, opting to use counter attacks to catch the Koreans.

But they did enough to win the match with a 6-1 margin and will play hosts Ireland in a crunch match on Tuesday.

Though Korea were awarded a penalty corner in the 28th minute, te attempt by Nam Hyun Kyo was well wide.

However Korea were not to be denied and found the opening goal via Lee Nam Yeong in the30th minute.

And a minute before the halftime hooter, Nam Hyun Woo scored from Korea's third penalty corner to give them a 2-0 lead going into the breather.

Korea extended their lead to 3-0, making full use of a penalty corner in the 43rd minute, this time Yoon Sung Hoon providing the finishing touch.

It was soon 4-0 when Cha Jong Bok scored in the 56th minute before a solo run by Kang Moon Kweon in the 60th minute yielded the fifth goal for Korea.

Kang then scored an opportunistic goal from the top of the semi circle with a snap shot in the 61st minute to make it 6-0. But two minutes later Sven Richter scored a consolation for Chile.