Monday, March 12, 2012


Having beaten Russia 6-1 the previous day, much was expected from the Irish and they did not disappoint their supporters who turned up in full force despite the cold and blustery conditions around Dublin.

And they did not disappoint as they hammered Ukraine 11-0 in a game where they showed what finishing was all about.

Ireland took the lead in the 14th  minute through Michael Watt and could have gone 2-0 up 18th minute when Peter Caruth went around the Ukraine keeper Iaroslav Hordev but sent his shot wide of the far post.

They were awarded their first penalty corner in the 21st minute and Eugene Magee picked up a rebound to send a tremendous shot that sailed in between a host of players, leaving Hordev failing to see the ball until it hit the back of the net to give Ireland a 2-0 lead.

Things got worse for Ukraine as Magee scored the third for Ireland in the 26th minute before Timothy Cockram made it 4-0 three minutes later.

And at the stroke of halftime, Ireland went 5-0 ahead, thanks to the efforts of Michael Darling.

The Irish were not letting off despite a huge lead and in the 44th minute Michael darling made it 6-0 before Peter Caruth scored the seventh in the 54th minute.

Goal number eight came in the 55th minute via Michael Watt, and after that it was just a question of how many will appease the Irish.

And add to the score indeed they did as Watt ( 59th minute ) and Timothy Cockram (63rd minute) ,  Christopher Cargo ( 68th minute) and  John Jermyn ( 70th minute) completed the rout.